Casie Colson Baker: How Old was Colson Baker When He Had Casie?

Casie Colson Baker was born on April 22, 1995, in California. She is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon, two famous hip-hop artists. Her father is a famous rapper and actor, and her mother is an aspiring model. Her parents were married for a few years and had a daughter together. She has been on the Internet for over a decade, and has received numerous awards. She has a close relationship with her father, and the two share a home with one another.

Father’s Tattoos

How old was Colson Baker when a baby girl is born? A little bit over two years old, Casie Colson Baker is still a teenager. She is known for her affectionate nature and adores pizza. She also enjoys skating and has many of her father’s tattoos. Although she doesn’t have her own social media accounts, her dad has been present at many events with her.

How old was Colson Baker when a baby girl? The rapper had a child in his twenties. They were both young, and Casie was born on July 23, 2009. Their parents later broke up, but Casie was born on July 23 and celebrates her birthday on July 23. Her zodiac sign is Leo. The age of her father and her mother is unknown.

Baby’s Birth

While it’s unclear whether Colson Baker was married or not at the time of the baby’s birth, she was in middle school. Her father is a famous rapper and her mother is not active on social media. It is not known if they are still dating, but it seems likely that their relationship is over. So, when did they get together?

As of July 2008, she is eleven years old. Her mother is not on social media. She is a music producer and songwriter. She and her father met at a Blink-182 concert. The couple welcomed Casie in 2009, making him a musician’s dream. But her mother doesn’t have any public information. She’s not active on social media.

Mother’s Age

According to some sources, she was nine months old when her father had their first child. However, her mother’s age was not revealed. In addition to being eighteen, she was only 18 when her father had her. After the birth, she became the sole supporter of her parents’ careers. Her father’s commitment to her career led her to steal diapers from Walmart.

Today, Casie is a teenager. But her father is still the best man she could ever have. They are very close and have a great relationship. Unlike many teenage celebrities, they are not married and don’t have children. They are close friends, but she keeps a low profile. When her father was in high school, Casie was already three years old.

High School Student

Before getting pregnant, Casie was 18 years old. She is still a teenager. She is currently a high school student who attends a private school. During her early years, she is preparing to go to a reputable high school. In addition to her studies, Casie is also a singer. She is the only daughter of MGK and Colson Baker.

While MGK and Casie have a good relationship, their relationship is very different. MGK has a softer side, but is still very affectionate towards his daughter. She attends many events with her father, but she also visits her mother Emma Cannon on occasion. In addition, she has appeared on many of her father’s award-winning tracks.

Final Words:

Casie Colson Baker is an African-American rapper who was born in 2009 and has two older siblings. She was a year older than her father and a year younger than her mother, Megan Fox. Her parents are from mixed ethnic backgrounds, and she is the only child of her parents. Both of them are committed to raising their children. While she is a rapper, she is soft with her daughter.


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