Jaden Newman: Who is Older Julian or Jaden Newman?

The question is, “Which is older – Julian or Jaden Newman?” Both boys were born on September 6, 2001, so who is older? The answer may surprise you, but the short answer is Jaden. He is two years and nine months younger than his big brother. So, who is the elder? In addition to having a much higher profile on social media, these two also have very successful careers.

Colonial High School

Both siblings have made headlines for their athleticism. In fact, Jaden Newman’s father played basketball at Colonial High School in Orlando and later went on to teach history at Downey Christian School. Her mother, on the other hand, was a point guard at University High School in Orlando. After graduation, she served four years in the United States Navy and worked for the US Postal Service. She was even featured on The Queen Latifah Show. She was recruited by an NCAA Division I program when she was just nine years old.

Julian Newman was born in 1996 and attended Downey Christian High School in Orlando, Florida. She was a standout player in high school, becoming the youngest player to reach 1,000 career points. Meanwhile, Jaden is a television personality, who dreams of becoming the first female NBA player. Who is older Julian or J.R.?: Both girls have a bright future and hope to play professionally in the NBA.

Basketball Talent

Both girls are known for their basketball talent. The two are very popular on social media, with both having more than 768k followers on Instagram. Both are also active on YouTube, where they share their videos of junior year games. The eldest Jaden Newman, Julian, is an extremely popular college student, but his younger sister is the one who is more popular. When asked which one is older, the answer is Jaden.

The younger Julian is five years older than her brother. While it may seem a good idea to look at her age in comparison to her father, it’s not necessary to compare the two men. In contrast, Julian’s height may be an advantage, but she is also shorter. And in both cases, they are of similar height. So, it’s possible that she is the one who is older.

Basketball Careers

Both have become famous through their basketball careers. Both have been spotted playing on the varsity team of her high school. Their parents continue to play an important role in their daughter’s success. Both have been photographed posing in hoop regalia in photos. But who is older? The younger brother is the one who plays basketball. The sister, however, is the one who has more Instagram followers.

Despite having the same age as her brother, Jaden Newman Smith is a talented athlete. She started playing varsity basketball when she was only in third grade. The younger brother is more famous for his YouTube channel, where he posted countless videos about his life. The younger one is a more popular social media star. But despite his fame, who is older? And what about her mother?

Elder Sibling

The elder sibling is more successful than the younger. Although they are different in many ways, they are both successful in their sports career. The Newmans have also achieved great things. While their brother is an NBA prospect, Jaden’s father is an accountant. But, who is older? The brothers are not siblings in the traditional sense. They are the same. So, who is older:

Final Words:

The two are both 16 years old. Their parents are both American citizens. They belong to the Jewish religion and are of Puerto Rican descent. Their mother is a postal worker and Julian is a point guard in the US Navy. She is the only one of the twins who has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. It is her older brother who is a celebrity here.


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