Samantha Logan: Are Samantha Logan & Michael Evans Related?

Are Samantha Logan and Michael Evans related? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes!” The two are cousins and are of Irish and Trinidadian descent. While the rumour that Samantha and Michael are dating is unfounded, the actress has denied the rumours. She also sparked some controversy by captioning a photo of her boyfriend.

Netflix Series

The actress is a star of the Netflix series All American. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million and has a large fan base in Hollywood. Her private life is notoriously well-kept off social media. However, she’s known for posting glam selfies and revealing fashion shots with her All-American co-stars. Are Samantha Logan and Michael Evans related?

While Samantha’s parents aren’t known, her childhood is filled with memories. She grew up in Boston and attended Harvard University. Her parents chose to avoid the spotlight, and they never spoke to each other. As a result, the actress was raised by her mother and her twin brother. However, there’s still no proof that Michael and Sam are related.

Olivia Baker

Whether or not they’re related is a question that fans have been asking for years. The actress is several years older than Olivia Baker and will turn 24 in 2020. This makes her one of the youngest cast members on “All American.” Her husband, Michael Evans Behling, is a retired football player who was born on March 5, 1996. Therefore, the actresses are not related.

Are Samantha Logan and Michael Evans Related? – Is there a connection between them? A: No. The actresses met in the acting world, but this did not happen on the show. It’s possible that their relationship isn’t as close as they might be in real life. The two are very different. If they are related, it’s unlikely that they’ll date in the future.

Best Friends

Despite their shared names and similarity, their relationships have not been publicly confirmed yet. In reality, they’re just best friends and have a great relationship. If you’re looking for a celebrity in Hollywood, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you find out! But if they’re related, they’re not.

Although the two aren’t related in real life, they have mutual admiration for each other. The two were born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1996. She is an American citizen and is of Irish and Trinidadian descent. She is best known for her role as Olivia Baker in “All-American” which aired in 2018. As a Christian, she is the daughter of a former basketball player and a former NBA basketball player.

American Acting Community

As with all celebrities, the two are not related in real life. But Samantha Logan is a member of the American acting community and is well known for her work with charities. She is also a fan of the CW’s All-Americans. Both of them are related, but they’re not related in a romantic sense. They’re not even on the same page on social media.

In addition to being cousins, the two are not related. Both are of American citizenship and have Irish and Trinidadian descent. The actress is the twin sister of Jordan Baker. The actors’ ages aren’t the only differences between them. In fact, the two actors are not even related. They’re not married, but they’re related in the same country.

Final Words:

The two are good friends. Both have been spotted at various events. It is unclear what they’re doing in real life. As of right now, they’re not dating. On the other hand, they may be related. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to confirm whether Samantha and Michael are related. Neither has been married since they were teenagers. But they have been seen together in a few public places.


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