The Lead Magnet, an effective method for generating leads

In digital marketing, the lead magnet is an essential tool. Its purpose is to attract the visitor and convert him into a potential customer, also called a prospect or lead. To do this, you must first collect its data using inbound marketing techniques. We will see in this article everything you need to know about this strategy, so that you can offer powerful “premium content” to your website.

Definition of lead magnet

A “prospect magnet”

A lead magnet is “premium content” that a visitor can download for free in exchange for their personal details. This can be their name, email address or phone number. Thus, a win-win relationship is created between the two parties:

  • The Internet user benefits from a service or a product offered, directly or indirectly. For example, he can receive a downloadable document, or a reduction coupon.
  • The company is growing its mailing list, which is a valuable asset for it. Indeed, it enriches its database and generates traffic on its site.

This strategy is essential to convert Internet users, because it allows us to provide them with qualitative and personalized content. It will also help you get relevant information about your subscribers: especially on the type of person who is interested in your content, but also on their problem.

A powerful marketing tools

The freebie is very useful in a marketing tunnel (or funnel). The latter corresponds to the journey made by the visitor to a site until the act of purchase: discovery, consideration and decision. The first step is then to attract prospects by creating value. Then, the goal is to convert the visitor into a qualified social media verification agency lead thanks to the interest he will take in your proposal to finally transform him into a customer.

It is therefore essential that the offer is sufficiently relevant and convincing. To do this, it must:

  • be easy to understand;
  • be very specific;
  • solve a real problem;
  • promise a quick result;
  • show off your expertise.

In addition, this method also allows you to save time. Indeed, free content effectively targets your audience and takes them through a marketing automation process. This refers to the automation of marketing campaigns such as sending emails to retain and convert leads into customers. So, you can focus on other strategic tasks.

Implementation of a downloadable content strategy

Set a specific goal

Before proposing a freebie, you must give it a goal:

  • increase traffic to your site;
  • consolidate the relationship of trust with your prospects;
  • obtain new customers;
  • sell your products and/or services online;
  • highlight your expertise, etc.

Determine a buyer persona

Visitors to a site do not give their contact details easily. This is why premium content attracts a qualified audience, genuinely interested in its content. You must then determine your ideal client, then know their needs and questions to best meet their expectations. Don’t try to target everyone, just focus on your buyer persona. Otherwise, you risk not pleasing anyone.

Choose the type of lead magnet

The choice of format is important. If you are comfortable in writing, opt for an eBook or a checklist. If, on the contrary, you prefer to be in front of the camera, make videos instead. Also ask yourself, “What might interest my audience?” “. For example, for an online training site, it may be relevant to choose a webinar format to show your expertise and to answer any problems.
We will see in the last part of the article examples of the most used and working premium content.

Build an effective landing page

What is a landing page? This is the landing page (“squeeze page”) on which an Internet user arrives after clicking on a link. This must include an optimized Call-To-Action. It contains a form that the reader must complete to receive their gift. He then has two choices: perform an action or leave the page. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to it by taking care of both its content and its form.

It must include:

  • a title with a clear and catchy promise;
  • a descriptive text of the offer;
  • an attractive visual;
  • social proof (customer testimonials);
  • a conversion form;
  • a call-to-action (CTA) button.

All the details matter!

Create content with high added value

Once you have completed all these steps, you can now move on to writing the content. This requires a unique text, with an added value that will have to respond to the problems of your audience and which will highlight your expertise on a specific subject. This free content must also be targeted and reflect the image of your company. You can do it yourself or create a detailed briefing for a professional writer.

7 examples of premium content to grow your email list

White Book

The white paper is certainly the most popular format. It is a document that provides value to its readers. Often published in PDF of about ten pages, it deals with a specific subject that relates to your field and your expertise. This will increase your credibility.


An eBook is digital content that presents more complex topics. It is more substantial and has at least twenty pages. Topics are covered in greater depth compared to a white paper. The goal is to generate qualified leads, using your skills.


A newsletter is a newsletter sent by e-mail on a regular basis to a list of subscribers. It is intended to enlighten and educate your audience on the latest from your company.

It plays an important role in:

  • stay in touch with your audience;
  • highlight your know-how and professionalism;
  • maintain your relationship with your prospects, in order to transform them into customers (“Lead Nurturing”);
  • generate inbound traffic to your website.


template is a page model that you can use and modify at your convenience. It can be presented as an Excel spreadsheet with pre-filled formulas, a PowerPoint, a Word file, etc. This option saves your audience valuable time.


Checklists are quite simple and quick to implement: all you have to do is list and summarize a set of easy-to-follow actions so you don’t forget anything. They are used to achieve a specific objective. Ideally, prefer a printable version in order to make the support more practical.


The webinar refers to an online conference that takes place remotely, often live to be able to interact with the spectators. It is very appreciated, because it does not require any reading, and creates a close bond between the participants. This video format asks participants to devote time: the people who register will be fewer, but more involved! The webinar is already a real sign of commitment to your company.

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Promo code or promotional offer

For an e-commerce site, sending a promo code or a promotional offer works very well. This is a common practice that still works. An irresistible proposition often leads Internet users to purchase.

A good lead magnet will therefore act as a “customer magnet”. Whether in the form of an eBook, checklist or webinar, its content must bring added value to the reader. Thus, you will maintain a qualitative mailing list. This is an essential step to increase the conversion rate of your website, and to retain your readers!

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