Top Places in Dubai to Enjoy with friends

If you are an enthusiast for tall buildings and beautiful infrastructure, Dubai is a place for you to come and chill !! A place that gives you an experience of fun and aesthetics altogether, and among all the numerous mesmerizing buildings that we look around, we have an adventure in store for us there too. The city has its aura and traverses us through various astonishing places. From desert safaris to grand luxurious hotels, a place where tranquillity and adventure balance and parallel walks. Well, is this a place for just couples or bachelors? No!!! A place for family, friends, lovers, anyone who is fascinated with all the lights, luxuries and travelling. Well, what is better than an experience on beaches, clubs, fascinating sports cars and theme parks. 

Trips with family are something that one will keep in their memory folder forever and cherish every moment. It is not the happy faces that sometimes make these memories special; it is about the magical places and the nuance of emotions that those places make us feel that stay within our hearts forever. In regard to a few of these destinations, below are listed a few most visited and prominent destinations in Dubai. So, if you plan to ever come to this magical city, do not forget to land your feet on these blissful destinations. 

Miracle Garden 

Imagine being in a bouquet of flowers amidst the beautiful petals and fragrance that soothes one’s mind. The miracle garden of Dubai is one such unrealistic miracle-like experience. This is regarded as the world’s biggest garden consisting of natural flowers. What adds glitter to this artifact is the variety of flowers that it is surrounded with, which crosses 150 million varieties. The miracle garden ticket costs AED 55 (INR 1112.94) for adults and AED 40 (INR 809.41) for ages 3 -12. For anyone who is a nature lover, this place is a must-visit, and if you are visiting as a family, this place is a perfect background for your family picture. 

The Palm Beach 

This beach is nothing similar to the regular beaches that we have been to; what is the most eye-catching thing about this destination is the fun and luxury that it provides side by side. The Palm Jumeirah beach is like a box of surprises for any visitor. Premium cafes, shopping areas and a lot of sand for your beautiful sandcastle everything is available on this fascinating beach. This place has been a centre stage for a lot of shootings and celebrations because of the luxurious touch that it gives, along with the beachy feel of calmness and summer vibes—a must-visit picnic spot for you and your family. 

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Safa Park 

Imagine you get various options to play and sport around with your family, where you simply flex your basketball skills to jogging and running around just for a spree. This park is a perfect spot for spending a good day out as it is located in the heart of the city and surrounded by beautiful places like Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. This park is a home for 2000 species of birds who find their resting place within the 16,000 trees they are surrounded and engulfed with. A place where you can adore nature while you play around with your family. 

Creek Park 

I mean can you see a movie, museum, sports and a vast green field or garden? Why not? Dubai, the city of beauty, comprises all of these places that act as perfect picnic spots, and the creek garden surely tops the list by being a holder of all those activities that people of all age groups would simply enjoy and love to spend time around. Guess what this time you can have your grandparents living and enjoying at the moment along with you, purely because of the options these places provide you with. 


Dubai has flourished with all sorts of beautiful options to enjoy and experience. It also gives you this peaceful hill station vibe and serenity with Fujairah as one such family time destination. You experience beaches and hills within the same environment, a rare mixture of craziness and peace. 

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