What colors of acrylic dip glitter powder are recommended for summer?

Doing your nails can make you feel happy and add beauty to your hands. And this year, there area lot of very good-looking nail colors, so let’s see what colors of acrylic dip glitter powder aresuitable for summer! 

A pink color 

This year, not only are pink clothes popular, but galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder is also very popular! This summer, pink or nude pink acrylic dip glitter powder is the most suitable. Looks very good and has white hands but is also very in line with the taste of summer! Pink acrylic dipglitter powder gives a very sweet and ladylike feeling, and there is nothing childish to say, yo! 

Two cold color systems 

Summer is also very suitable for the cool color acrylic dip glitter powder, giving people the feelingof fresh and fresh it! Cold acrylic dip glitter powder such as haze blue, blue, peacock blue, light blue, dark green, etc., these colors of acrylic dip glitter powder is fried chicken look and fashion!

At the same time, the cold color acrylic dip glitter powder also gives people a very cold aura of the rush, so people a little distance from it ~ 

Three green system 

Green is really good-looking there is wood ~ nature’s green always gives people a pure andbeautiful atmosphere, summer to-do green Acrylics dips glitter powder fried chicken nice, suchas light green dark green or grass green, painted on the hands simply do not look too good! Let donot like to do the nail you are excited about. But then fluorescent green acrylics dips glitter powder does not paint in the summer, and it feels too harsh! 

Four white system 

White is always classic and elegant and will not go out of fashion, and white acrylics dips glitter powder is also super suitable for the summer. Oh! Summer painted white acrylics dips glitter powder citrus is the very elegant atmosphere, with any clothes are very nice it! Pale white, white, or cream acrylics dips glitter powder is very OK, but it is too dark hands of the girls do not try Oh~! 

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Five Morandi color system 

Morandi color galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder is popular this year, and if you do not knowtheMorandi color acrylics dips glitter powder, then you are really out! Very nice and durable Morandi color acrylics dips glitter powder is simply too good for summer! Several different colors of nail color together with a very personalized feeling completely is a pair of sexual cold rush very obvious taste.

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