What to Look for in a Good Revenue Ops Agency

RevOps was born off the urge to ensure that the sales, marketing, and customer service departments of any business are aligned and working toward the same revenue goals.

However, with studies showing that 87% of the words marketing and sales departments use to describe each other are commonly negative, enforcing RevOps isn’t your cup of tea. Good thing is you can make your work easier by engaging a RevOps agency.

When looking for a reliable RevOps agency to serve your company, pay attention to the following main factors:

1. Strategy

What is a revenue ops agency that you can trust with your business? A reliable RevOps agency should use proven processes to align the revenue-centric departments of their client business. With a good strategy, the RevOps agency will be able to identify revenue bottlenecks and enhance revenue growth.

These RevOps experts should first form specialized teams and then create a single-source information system before coming up with a strategy. Their strategy should foster cross-department collaboration and enhance employee trust through uniformity in business structures.

2. Technology

The tools that a RevOps agency employs go a long way toward streamlining and automating workflows in a business. A top-of-the-range RevOps agency should have the know-how to customize the tech that you’ve been using in your business to meet any unique needs that you may have.

If, for example, your objective is to increase upsells and reduce your sales cycles, the agency can install or reinstall a lead scoring tool in your customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

3. Proper understanding of your business

Though RevOps is established with a common goal of streamlining revenue operations within a business, methodologies shouldn’t be the same for every customer. A RevOps agency should create a RevOps methodology that suits the structure and needs of your business.

To do so, they need to have a clear understanding of your business (the industry it’s in, internal culture, competitors, market, and more). With a customized RevOps plan, they can help you craft effective strategic decisions. They should match their processes to the client’s business as opposed to doing it the other way around.

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4. Scalability

The main goal of a RevOps plan is to promote faster growth of your business. That’d mean expanding the RevOps function as well, which is something that most agencies struggle to do. You need to plan so you won’t need to bring in a new agency a couple of months after you onboard the first one.

The agency you pick the first time should be able to grow with your needs and have enough resources to accommodate your goals.

5. Ability to promote enablement for the entire organization

Your sales department is crucial to the revenue performance of your business, but it’s not the only department that matters. It’s critical to have enablements for the entire organization, which is why you need to avoid agencies that advocate for a non-holistic strategy.

When using a holistic strategy, the B2B buyers that you serve will also communicate with the support, IT, and marketing team, as opposed to only interacting with your sales reps.

To conclude,

If you aren’t ready to hire an internal RevOps leader, partnering with a RevOps agency would be the way to go. Not only will such an agency help you with revenue acceleration, but they will also guide you in every stage of the process.

Make sure to ask questions exhaustively so that you’re not second-guessing when picking the agency to work with. Investing enough time and effort into the process of choosing the agency will be instrumental in ensuring the success of the entire revenue acceleration process.

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