Who is Sherry Dyson? History of Sherry Dyson Life

If you’re wondering who is Sherry Dyson, you have come to the right place. She is a successful businesswoman, a teacher, and a mathematician, and she has a fascinating life story. However, despite the accolades she has received, Sherry didn’t always find love and appreciation in her personal life. Let’s take a look at her early years and how she ended up in divorce.

Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia and married Chris Gardner, an American businessman, in 1979. The couple had a son, Christopher Jarrett Gardner, and they lived together for nine years. Unfortunately, Chris and Sherry Dyson divorced in 1989 after an affair between Gardner and a dental student named Jackie Medina. Sherry was able to move on and find a new relationship, but her marriage was doomed.

Sherry Dyson married Chris Gardner in 1977. The marriage lasted only nine years, and the couple divorced in 2009. In the meantime, Sherry was able to marry Chris Gardner, an American businessman who has written a memoir of his life. Sherry and Chris Dyson also had a son, Christopher Jarret Gardner, but they were divorced after a year.

Christopher Jarret Gardner

Sherry Dyson was born on 5 January 1949 and is 61 years old in 2020. She married Chris Gardner, an American businessman, in 1977. She later divorced Chris and their son, Christopher Jarret Gardner, died in a car accident while they were separated. Sherry Dyson has a history of relationships, including her marriage to Christopher Gardner and her affair with Jackie Medina.

Mathematician & Motivational Speaker

Besides being a mathematician, Sherry Dyson also studied physics, and later became a businessman. She married Chris Gardner in 1976 and they have a son, Christopher Jarret Gardner. The couple divorced after nine years of marriage. Despite being married, she is a mathematician and a motivational speaker.

Her husband Chris Gardner is a businessman who was married to Sherry Dyson for a decade. After the divorce, she was divorced from Chris Gardner. Their marriage ended in 1986. Sherry Dyson was a successful businesswoman and motivational speaker. During her marriage, she met her husband, who is now a successful entrepreneur. Sherry Dyson’s net worth is over two million dollars.

Extramarital Affairs

Sherry was born in Virginia and had a troubled family life. Her father, Chris, and her mother both had extramarital affairs. Sherry was 10 years younger than her mother, but her father was a year older than her. The two divorced after nine years. They had a daughter named Christopher Jarret. Sadly, both of their parents passed away, but she did not give up.

Sherry Dyson was married to Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur who made a fortune from the sale of different types of stock. She is an expert in mathematics and also a mathematician and is a professor. She was also married to another man, Christopher Gardner, who died in a car crash. The couple divorced in 1985. In addition to Sherry Dyson’s work, she was a teacher.

Successful Businessman

Sherry Dyson married Chris Gardner. He is a successful businessman and motivational speaker. Sherry and Chris Gardner were married for eight years. The couple has a son named Christopher Jarrett Gardner. Sherry and Chris were divorced in 1986 due to Gardner’s adultery with Jackie Medina. Sherry Dyson’s reputed life has led to her becoming a popular businesswoman in her field.

Final Words:

Sherry Dyson’s parents are unknown. Sherry Dyson married Chris Gardner in 1977. The couple’s first marriage was a disaster, and they divorced in 1987. The couple had a son together, Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr., and they had a daughter named Sherry. Her parents did not have a strong relationship, and Sherry married Chris in 1981 here.

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