3 Must-Visit Halloween Destinations in Baltimore

Halloween is a big deal for a lot of people, giving them the chance to enjoy the spooky and creepy side of life while still getting to spend time enjoying candy and costumes.  If you’re a big Halloween fan, it’s a good idea to make your way to Baltimore!

This city understands the importance of fun Halloween!  These are three must-visit Halloween destinations for everyone in Baltimore! 

The Nevermore Haunt

Take a break from looking at houses for rent in Baltimore, and check out an amazing haunted house!  One of the scariest haunted houses in the country, this event changes every single year, so you never know what to expect.  Every aspect is uniquely and expertly crafted, so it looks real and terrifying.  Every corner and floor of the home is full of spooky monsters, ghosts, and other horrifying sights that will leave you shaking by the end of the night.

This is an adults-only event since it would scare kids too much, but you might realize it’s too scary for you as well!  If you have enough fun or need something to calm your nerves after walking through, there’s a stall selling some of Baltimore’s best local beer and foods to help work you down from that adrenaline rush! 

The Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival

Operating for over 20 years, this Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival is a favorite of locals and tourists alike!  At home in Patterson Park, this fun lasts for a full day and then late into the night, as everyone gathers to make their lanterns that they’ll eventually light.

Live music, food, and fun ensure you’ll have a great time while you get to create your own lantern or help your kids.  After the sun sets, everyone gets together- sometimes in costume- and releases their lanterns as they walk along the parade route.  This lights up the skies and makes the entire night feel magical. 


The Maryland Zoo hosts an annual event every year, where kids and families can enjoy celebrating Halloween in the zoo!  This festival has everything from trick-or-treating to games, content, entertainment, and countless prices.  This is a big hit with kids, who love that they get to run from exhibit to exhibit, seeing all of the cool animals while also celebrating the holiday.  This is from 10 am to 4 pm from October 29th to the 31st! 

What Weather to Expect

Baltimore is an awesome city that gets the most out of every season: and that includes fall!  When Halloween rolls around, you can expect temperatures to range from fifty to sixty degrees, which means your kids might need a warmer Halloween costume!  This weather is perfect for getting cozy with apple cider or a hot chocolate and pigging out on candy while watching your favorite horror movie!  Just remember to watch out for ghosts.

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Halloween in Baltimore is Incredibly Fun!

Halloween in Baltimore is one of a kind, so make sure you’re in town for it!  Not only is there so much to do here, but you’ll fall in love with the city the moment you land.  

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