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Amiri King had a difficult childhood growing up in a single-parent home. His father beat him up, and when he was 11, he ran away. For several years, he lived on the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, sweeping gas station parking lots and feeding on scraps to survive. He also lived in several homeless shelters.

Tony Donovan Schork

Amiri King is an American comedian who has become famous thanks to his YouTube channel. Although his real name is Tony Donovan Schork, he decided to change his name at the age of eighteen. He took the name after poet Amiri Baraka, who was one of King’s favorite poets. Growing up, Amiri King had a hard time with his parents, and eventually left the home. Now, he is a successful comedian with a growing fan base.

King was a former juvenile delinquent when he began his YouTube career. He later became a motivational speaker and began writing content for other local comedians. His videos have garnered millions of views and have led to other opportunities, such as writing comedy books. King has appeared on several TV shows, including “Rick and Ed’s Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse,” and has over two hundred million views on his YouTube channel.

Amiri King has been on the cover of Reader’s Digest three times. He is married to Sara Ruminski and has three daughters from previous relationships. King changed his name when he was 18 and credits YouTuber Peter Shukoff with launching his career. He was a troubled child, and was once accused of first-degree robbery at age sixteen. King has since gone on to write comedy pieces for other comedians and sell his art pieces.

Amiri is married. His wife’s name is Sara Ruminski, but he has not revealed when he married her. He also has three daughters from his previous relationship, including twins Amiri and Sara. Despite his love life, Amiri is not open about it. However, he does share pictures of his daughters on his social media accounts.

Amiri King was born on July 10, 1979, in Louisville, Kentucky. He changed his name to Amiri King in 1998. His mother’s name is Sharon Brown Colvin. His father is unknown. King served three years in prison for armed robbery when he was sixteen years old. He has since shared his traumatic experience in Alateen meetings and local high schools.

Amiri King was born in Louisville, Kentucky on 10 July 1979. His mother, Sharon Brown Colvin, is an attorney. His father, Tony Donovan Schork, is still unidentified. King is an American citizen and follows Christianity. He has no siblings. King and his mother share a close relationship.

Amiri King was raised in a slum, and he frequently got into trouble with the law. He was arrested at the age of sixteen for first-degree armed assault, and spent three years in jail. He later changed his lifestyle. Eventually, he was able to start working at a movie studio and earning a living.

Net Worth 

Amiri King’s net worth is estimated to be more than $150,000. She makes most of her money by creating humorous videos about cars and parodies, and she also earns extra money by selling her artworks to art galleries. Amiri King has also become a popular YouTube personality with millions of views.

Amiri King has an active social media presence, and her official Facebook page has over 180,000 fans. She also has an Instagram account and is following on Twitter. Her official YouTube channel has over 323,000 subscribers. Amiri has also become a celebrity after launching her YouTube channel.

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Amiri King is a Christian who is Native American. She has three daughters. Her net worth is estimated at around $250k. She has no educational background, but her YouTube channel has helped her achieve her success. Although the couple has not revealed their financial status, they have a large following and are both highly successful.

While King is a YouTube sensation, she also has a day job, writing for Tribunist.com, and works as a member of the editorial board. Amiri King is a talented comedian and writer. She has a long list of accomplishments. King has a Facebook page with over two million followers, and has a Twitter account with over 81,000 followers.

King’s relationship with his father was strained from an early age. His mother was a single mother. He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. He later left the home and spent most of his teenage years in poverty. His father severely abused him. Amiri King was also an ex-con.

Amiri began her YouTube career in 2007, and launched a video parody channel called RoyalMediaMafia. Her first video, “Punch You In the Face”, received over 177,000 views. She then began posting videos regularly. Her YouTube channel now has over eight hundred thousand subscribers and her video content has been viewed more than 70 million times.

Amiri King‘s net worth is estimated to be over $250,000. Her YouTube videos have become very popular, and she also makes money from writing parodies for other comedians. Her YouTube videos are hilarious. Despite their net worth, Amiri King hasn’t been involved in any notable controversies in recent years.

Amiri King and Tony Donovan Schork have been linked since 2012. While the couple broke up recently, their relationship wasn’t mutual. King addressed her as “Mrs. King” on his social media profiles, and many people started calling her his wife. However, the relationship ended after his social media posts revealed that they had dated for a while.

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