Is Yolanda Lynes Married? Meet Her Soon to Be Husband

Are fans curious to know whether Yolanda Lynes is married? The actress has been in many movies including “Black Widow” and “The Takedown”. She is also a writer, producer, and director of movies. Yolanda Lynes grew up in the suburbs of the United Kingdom and was poor as a child. She has been in a long-distance relationship with Chinese action actor David Cheung since 2015.

Professions or Family Background

Yolanda Lynes is 29 years old and has been in several films. She has been active in social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her parents are American, but have not disclosed their professions or family background to the public. She has also not revealed any information about her family. Yolanda Lynes is not married and is not engaged. She has no children.

Yolanda Lynes Wedding

There has been no official confirmation of Yolanda Lynes’ wedding. However, her boyfriend and she have been inseparable since 2013, and recently celebrated Valentine’s Day 2021 in a secret ceremony. The actress’ age and date of birth are unknown. She is British and has a younger brother. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. There’s no information on whether Yolanda Lynes is married or not.

Entertainment Industry

Lynes has a clean image in the entertainment industry. She has not had any scandals and she has not given birth to any child. However, she is married to David Cheung, a Hong Kong-based martial artist. The couple has not given any details about their relationship or how they met. The couple is very active on social media. On Instagram, she has over 31 thousand followers.

David Cheung

The actress has not married yet. Her husband, David Cheung, is an action star, stunt performer, and martial artist. They have been in a relationship since 2015 and have been living together ever since. Although their relationship has not been officially confirmed, they have had a brief engagement and have not had children. You can read her full bio on the actor’s website.

The British actress is white in race and ethnicity. She was born on June 25, 1992 and has never given birth to a child. As an actress, writer, and producer, she has a clean image in the entertainment world. Her marital status is unknown. She is married to David Cheung, a Hong Kong-based martial artist. Her wedding is expected to be announced in the near future.

Hong Kong-Chinese Martial Arts

David Cheung and Yolanda Lynes are a couple. The actress is a Christian and follows the Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts. Both have a clean image and are very loyal. They are a couple and have a long-term relationship. They are very close and have been together since 2015. She has been living with David Cheung for a few years now.

The actress has a very clean image in the entertainment industry. She has never been involved in a scandal or given birth to a child. She has been in a relationship with David Cheung for several years and they are very loyal and loving with each other. Her relationship with David Cheung has no children, but both are married and have children. She is an incredibly successful Hollywood actress.

Long-Term Romantic Relationship

Despite being in a long-term romantic relationship with David Cheung, the couple has not officially announced a wedding date yet. They have been living together since 2015. They are dating and have a child together. But they haven’t shared their backgrounds yet. The two have remained silent on the topic, but have not disclosed details of their relationship. Whether Yolanda Lynes is married or not, it will probably be a surprise to anyone!

Final Words:

The American actress and screenwriter has appeared in many movies. Black Widow was her breakout role, and she is currently being seen in a new film titled Black Widow (2021). According to her biographies, she is a writer and director, and her career has allowed her to be a director. Both of her husbands are active in their personal lives, and they are openly dating.


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