Laura San Giacomo: When Did Laura San Giacomo Narrate Snapped?

When did Laura San Giacomo start narrating TV shows? In addition to narrating the true crime series Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen, she starred in the films Checking Out and Havoc, and the 2006 thriller Conquistadora. In 1986, she landed a role on the daytime soap opera All My Children as Louisa Sanchez, the common-law wife of Mitch Beck. The resulting relationship between the two lasted until her death in 2002.

Shia LaBeouf

After the success of her role on “Just Shoot Me!” San Giacomo appeared sporadically on television. She starred in the 2005 films Checking Out and Havoc, and was cast as a rehab counselor in the 2006 film Conquistadora. While she has not had a major acting role since, she did star in a feature film called Honey Boy, written and starring Shia LaBeouf.

The narrator of Snapped was first narrated by Laura San Giacomo, before Sharon Martin stepped in. After her narrator role was taken over by Martin, San remained a low-key actor. However, she has remained active in other areas of life. Her most recent movie, Honey Boy, was a comedy starring Shia LaBeouf.

Kansas City suburb of Hector

The actress made few appearances after the shooting of her boyfriend in the Kansas City suburb of Hector. On 19 October 2005, she appeared in her first public appearance in almost a year. She also appeared in the films Checking Out and Havoc and the 2006 film Conquistadora. Earlier in 2005, San Giacomo was set to appear in the WB drama, “Related”. The series replaced her with Kiele Sanchez.

Television Series

After her narrator role on “Snapped,” Laura San Giacomo has appeared in several other television series. The show’s fifth season, titled “The Love Talker,” is one of her most popular, and she has been married to Cameron Dye since 1991. She has a son, Mason, with whom she started dating in 1996.

After being the narrator of the first season of Oxygen’s “Snapped” on Oxygen, San Giacomo has kept a relatively low profile. She starred in the 2006 film Conquistadora and played a rehab counselor in the WB drama, “Related”.

Role of Hillary Martin

She made her first appearance on television in 1989 on Miami Vice, where she played the role of Hillary Martin. She starred in a few other series, but she is most well-known for her narrator role on “Snapped.” Afterward, she took on the narrator’s role in the second season.

After narrating the first season of the hit series “Snapped,” San Giacomo has remained low-key in her career, having appeared in a few other TV shows and movies. In addition to narrating Snapped, SanGiacomo also appeared in the movies Checking Out and Havoc and Conquistadora.

Rehab Counselor

When did Laura San Giacomo narrate Snapped?? She narrated the first season of the true crime series on Oxygen. Eventually, she stepped down from the role and the series’ narrator’s role. In the meantime, she starred in another TV show, Honey Boy, in which she played a rehab counselor.

While narrating The Larry Sanders Show, the bestselling novel The Just Shoot Me! author also starred in the television series, based on a Janeane Garofalo concept. The show, originally intended to center around SanGiacomo, but later, the show’s producers decided to have her narrate instead. Despite the reversal, SanGiacomo stayed as the show’s narrator.

Final Words:

Initially, the show’s narrator did not need to specify that the participants were ladies in order to catch the interest of viewers. The writers realized that it’s helpful to add the word “lesbian” to the logline. This strategy was an unintentional but effective way to reach the targeted audience.


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