Top 7 Android App Development Trends for 2022

The mobile app industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Just go back a decade and we couldn’t even imagine having smartphones this popular. As a result, we now have more mobile applications than ever before.

There are an estimated 3.48 million apps available for download on Play Store. The best ones – which are popular globally – are unique. And that’s because they are based on the modern Android application development trends.

This is exactly what this article will discuss. Read on to discover the top 7 app development trends for 2022.


There’s been a lot of talk regarding the 5G technology in recent years. And it’s finally here. Android app development technologies are now designing applications with 5G in mind, so they remain usable even when the 5G becomes prevalent.

It’s expected that 660Mn smartphones will have 5G connections by next year. The way it will shape the mobile app industry is quite significant. It’s 100x faster than 4G and will reduce the latency from 50 milliseconds (4G) to 1 millisecond.

Furthermore, due to higher resolution and less latency, video stream apps will improve to a great extent. AR and VR in mobile apps will be much more common than today.

2.Chatbots & Google Assistants

Chatbots will save businesses 2.5 billion hours by 2023. The increasingly growing use of Chatbot shouldn’t come as a surprise to you; aren’t all entrepreneurs striving for automation in their business operations?

These chatbots are now even being incorporated into Android applications. While their use on websites is not new, chatbots’ popularity in mobile applications is an ingenious spin of the same idea.

And who can forget the Google Assistants? If you are someone who already relies on Alexa to control your household appliances, these Google Assistants will be lifesavers for you.

3.Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is everywhere. From websites to mobile applications, the world without blockchain would feel incomplete. Android app development companies are hiring blockchain developers to take on more complex projects based on blockchain.

This technology will bridge the gap when it comes to the security and safety of transactions. The idea of end-to-end transactions has long been touted as the future, and finally, it’s happening.

If you are an Android app developer, it’s worth studying the blockchain mechanism. Blockchain employs a number of advantages such as the reduced risk of data loss, excellent performance, and data safety even during a network failure.

4.On-Demand Applications

Have you ever taken a ride with Uber or Careem? They are literally life-savers for someone who doesn’t own a vehicle or can’t drive. And their apps are examples of on-demand applications.

An on-demand app basically converts service providers into consumers. Users can order food, ride, or even home groceries and get them delivered to their doorstep within a few minutes.

Since people have become dependent on these applications, the demand for these apps is increasing. Android development agencies are regularly working on projects related to healthcare, grocery, taxi, retail food, and many more.


Mobile retail sales volume doubled between 2017 and 2020, reaching $336 billion at the end of 2020. E-commerce is the future. And when we talk about e-commerce we don’t just refer to websites but mobile apps are also part of the same chain.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have relied on online shopping. And it can be time-consuming to browse online a mart near you to order. Instead, if a certain shop or mart has a mobile app, people can order the required commodity on the go.

This increase in mobile shopping has led to more demand for eCommerce mobile applications. A well-developed eCommerce app includes a safe payment gateway and offers a customized experience, push notifications, and a user interface that drives action with ease.

6.Cloud Based Android Application

Cloud is de facto the epitome of safety in the tech world. Cloud service providers are reaping millions in revenue thanks to the high demand for cloud storage services.

An Android cloud app is the one that allows you to back up data to the cloud instead of local storage. As the owner of the data, you can retrieve it from your phone any time that you have authenticated.

Therefore, cloud-based applications are going to be a trend not only in 2022 but in the years to come. These will play a meaningful role in keeping a significant amount of data in a single place without worrying about its safety.

7.Mobile Wallets

Heard of them before? A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that can store your payment card information. When you walk into a store, mart, or a mall, you can make payment via your phone instead of cash.

These wallets are now integrated into mobile applications. This way, users get safe and secure payment gateways that they can use anywhere and pay money online safely.

These wallets will further improve in 2022 and who knows we might get a wallet that contains both crypto and traditional money, allowing the users to pay in the preferred currency.

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