Useful Figma Plugins And Tools

Are you a web designer who loves Figma? If yes, you are not alone. Millions of web designers use Figma to create amazing websites. And plugins simplify their job.

But when it comes to choosing a plugin, it can be really confusing. There are thousands of plugins out there, how would you choose the best ones? We are going to make your job easy and help you to make an informed decision.

Below, we are listing down some useful Figma plugins and tools you should consider using if you want to ace your work.


An illustration is a hot topic in the web design landscape. So if you are looking to insert some ready-made illustrations into your design, consider using the Illustration plugin with your Figma platform. Almost all UI UX design Dubai services use this tool.

This plugin lets you embed some amazing illustrations in your design without any such effort. With more than 250 high-quality illustrations at your disposal, you will be able to create jaw-dropping designs, fast!

2.Content Reel

Want to make your website’s design interesting with some valuable visual content? Use Content Reel. This tool lets you add everything from images to text strings, icons, and even Avatars.

The plug-in turns out to be a real time-saver as you don’t have to add those elements manually.

3.Figma to HTML, CSS, React & more!

This is one of the favorite plugins of web experts who not only design but also develop. It gives you a developer-friendly HTML/React code from your Figma design blueprint.

Further, just with a couple of clicks, you can convert a website to a Figma design. This cuts down your website’s development time as you can import one element of a website to another.

4.Google Sheet Sync

Are you pissed off by the manual work of populating bulk texts and images in your design? Don’t worry, because now you have a plugin available that can ease up your job.

The Google Sheets plugin is a game-changer for designers that deal with a lot of data. You don’t have to populate every text or image layer 1 by 1 but every layer automatically populates at once!


Next is Blush. It’s one of the useful Figma plugins out there that let you embed built-in illustrations into your design. Not only can you use the built-in designs but also customize them according to your needs.

The illustrations created in Blush are stored as PNG and SVG files.


Looking for a plugin that will assist you in testing? Here we go, USebrain is a go-to remote user testing tool for Figma users. This tool gives detailed findings of the user experience on the go.

The unbiased feedback a designer gets from testers helps to improve the design to a massive extent, ultimately improving the usability of the website.

7.Tailwind Color Generator

When you are short of color ideas, it can be difficult to create an apt combination. That’s where Tailwind Color Generator comes to your rescue. It combines both science and art to help you come up with great looks.

The plugin can generate 10 balanced styles including the base color.

8.Color Blind

‘Talking about colors, Color Blind is a great plugin that lets you create views for 8 types of color vision deficiencies. This way, you can also cater to the audience that is color blind.

There are views that represent how people with color blindness will experience your product or website. You can then update the color palette to make your design perfectly clear to color blind people.


The Figmotion plugin takes the whole design thing to a new level. You can create advanced animations using this plugin to show specific interactions. Thus, you don’t have to use Adobe After Effects or another similar tool to create animation separately.

The best bit about it is that even a novice can use it.

10.Icon Resizer

Are you struggling to resize the icons? When icons mismatch in terms of size, this will impact the quality of your design. Fortunately, the Icon Resizer tool addresses the same problem.

You don’t need to manually resize icon frames and vector shapes anymore. Just use Icon Resizer to bulk resize all your icons at once!

11.Batch Styler

When it comes to web design, the more you can customize the more unique it gets. Though customizing till the design matches your brand can be a time-taking process.

The Batch Styler is created to solve exactly the same problem. You don’t need to edit styles 1-by-1; this tool will let you edit every aspect of your text or color styles in bulk.


As a web design agency in Dubai, we can say Spell is one of those Figma plugins you will need to use at some stage of your design. The purpose of this plugin is to check the spelling.

Though designers have little to do with spelling, design without content would be incomplete. So before finalizing the design, it’s safe to check the spell errors and correct them before they hurt your brand’s image.

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