Why Do They Call Ari Fletcher the Real Kyle Sister?

Ari Fletcher is a model and actress who turned 26 in 2021. She grew up in Chicago with her brother Kyle Jamison and his sister Ashley. The brothers were very close, but the relationship between the two was not as strong as it was for their siblings. The sisters were always separated, and they never talked to each other about their relationship. In addition, they didn’t get along with their father, but that didn’t stop them from staying in touch with each other.

Kyle John Jamison Education Foundation

While Ariana doesn’t speak much about her brother, she has established a foundation called the Kyle John Jamison Education Foundation in his name. The charity focuses on the best traits of Kyle, like his contagious laugh and large personality. The family is Christian, and Fletcher was once in a relationship with American rapper G Herbo, who passed away in 2013. The two had a son together, but the child is now deceased.

Aside from being a model, Fletcher is also a social media personality. She has dedicated her Instagram handle to her brother and has been writing lyrics for the song for months. It is unclear if the two have become a couple, but both are still very close. She co-parents with her rapper husband, G Herbo, and has even celebrated Yosohn’s third birthday together.

Ari Fletcher & Sister Ashley

The mother of Ari Fletcher and sister Ashley have two sons, and both of them have a thriving business. In Chicago, Ari and G Herbo co-parent their son. The siblings are close to each other, and it’s obvious that they love each other. It’s not clear whether or not she’s close to her brother, but the foundation is making a difference in the lives of students in the community.

While her father is dead, she has a good relationship with her mother. Her mother is also very close to Ari. She has a relationship with Moneybagg Yo, who has a son. In 2013, she uploaded a picture of her mother to her official Instagram page. The rapper also posted pictures of his daughter. After a year, her mother and her brother were very close.

Early Stages

In 2013, Ari Fletcher changed her social media handles to honor her brother. She wanted to honor her brother by keeping his name alive. In addition to that, she vowed to make her brother proud by making a GoFundMe and an education foundation. She is now 26 years old and is still very close to her parents. However, the rumors about her boyfriend are still in their early stages.

Entrepreneur & YouTube

Her mother was not an active member in their family. Nonetheless, they shared a son together. In 2016, the teen became an entrepreneur and a Youtuber. Her father was a rap artist named G Herbo. She continued to live with her mother while her brother battled with illness. Their son, Yosohn, was born on November 29th, 2016. It was unknown whether she lived with her father after Kyle’s death.

Although her brother died from a disease, Ari Fletcher is still very close to her family. She was on the cheerleading team in high school and had a big brother named Kyle. The tragedy is the reason she is living a luxury lifestyle in the United States and earning USD 30-40k from hair extensions. Despite the pain she had suffered, Ari is able to live in a high-class apartment and keep a positive attitude.

Final Words:

The real Kyle sister is the only sibling of Kyle Fletcher. She was three years younger than her famous brother. She had participated in wrestling at a professional level while in college. As for her relationship with G Herbo, the two sisters remained close even after her brother’s death. They have two kids together, but they are not related. She was a good friend to her brother’s girlfriend here.


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